Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mumbai FYJC colleges online admission process

Government of Maharashtra has declared this year as the year of Information Technology.
As a part of that, Government wishes to take the gains of technology to the masses.
The largest single process of admissions is post SSC, in FYJC colleges

Proposed Application Facilitation System
Student can choose to apply to whatever number of colleges in one or as many sittings as needed.
Student get a login and password on registering based on seat number at SSC exam.
Student can use any place of access to internet like her own school, own home or any neighbour, cyber cafes etc
Student has to fill a form that creates a profile only once. All colleges will be listed . She selects colleges to apply for from the list. Individual college application form is invoked on the screen and gets populated by the student’s data as soon as opened. All that the student has to do is to make some editing , if at all required and press the button to complete the form. This profile and pending application form for any of the colleges will all be stored for the student .(in student’s area on the server.)
This is optional and not compulsory system of application
Only it will be mandatory for colleges to accept and consider Online applications for admission on par with physical applications..
Physical paper applications and online application will co-exist in parallel
System is for Online Application facilitation.
System has mobile based Payment for Application Processing Fees.
Student receives an acknowledgement as soon as she pays online, whatever be the number of applications. The acknowledgements will be in the form of email from the database of the Deputy Director . It will also be a SMS on the mobile saying application to so-and-so college for so-and-so seat number (at so-and-so board in so-and-so year).It is desirable that the college concerned also sends an email acknowledgement to student’s email address.
The application is recorded in the college applied for, in the Dy Director’s record and in student’s own email.
Admission remains completely the responsibility of the respective colleges, subject to relevant rules.
Colleges are also free to receive applications on paper.
Colleges will have to combine online and paper appplications, remove duplicates and prepare the merit lists.
Rules of admission are not changed due to or by this system.
Colleges continue to have the same autonomy for admission work as they had earlier as per the guidelines of Hon High Court and relevant government rules.
Students will give their seat numbers and will get the marks and some other details extracted from SSC board records which will be made available to this program
A minor service charge of Rs 5 per application will be charged for arranging to pay the application fees and for facilitating online application. This may turn out to be far cheaper than the travel costs, let alone the waste of time of so many people.
Helplines in school where student has passed from.
Helplines on email.
Helplines by Department on phone and at offices and colleges

Advantages of the system
Ease of applying to any college without travelihng
24 hours access ( so no loss of working day for any working people)
Ease of payment , online but without the need of credit cards.
Payment to college is instant in case college chooses electronic payment option, Else it will be bank payment in a batch mode.
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