Friday, April 10, 2009

New Distance MBA Programs in SMU

Sikkim Manipal University-SMU one of the largest providers of Distance Education in India, has launched new and advanced specializations in Total Quality Management, Operations Management and Project Management for its distance learning MBA program. SMU-DE has continuously upgraded and enhanced the curriculum of its programs to ensure that they are industry-relevant and focus on the need for skill specific managerial profiles in the industry. Admission to the two-year program is currently on with the application forms available at 600 Learning Centres across country.

More on programs-:
The courses are targeted at engineers and graduates. Specifically, the Operations Management course is targeted at manufacturing industry professionals, at a supervisory level. The Project Management course is targeted at construction engineers, team leaders in IT projects, software engineers in the planning role and other professionals in charge of project-related activities. The Total Quality Management course is targeted at all professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in an organization's quality system.

Benefits of Distance MBA programs-:
The Operations Management specialization will equip the student with a strong process-orientation through specific knowledge required for supervisory activities. This includes thorough understanding of different manufacturing & service systems and performance improvement. The program also trains students in using advanced tools, which are necessary for optimum management of the manufacturing process.

The Project Management specialization trains students in specific knowledge required for running a project. It uses advanced tools that are necessary for optimum management of project cost, time and resources. This helps the students to manage the various challenges associated with project management and meet pre-defined project objectives.

These two specialisations will prepare professionals for managerial roles and enhanced responsibilities in an organization, thereby furthering their career progression.

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