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S P Jain's Business Programs 2012

S P Jain's Business Programs 2012

S P Jain's Portfolio Business Programs Admissions 2012

* Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA
S P Jain's BBA program is a uniquely crafted, four-year program for undergraduates. Candidates study at S P Jain's campuses in three dynamic cities - the first year in Singapore, followed by a year in Dubai and two years in Sydney. Studying, living, and interacting with corporates in three cities on three continents exposes candidates first-hand to different business environments and cultures, enhancing experiential learning.

* Master of Global Business-MGB
S P Jain's MGB is a uniquely crafted sixteen-month program (including a four-month internship) that immerses students in the business culture of two dynamic cities - Dubai and Singapore. The MGB is specially designed for graduates with little or no work experience (less than three years) to help them acquire the knowledge and skill sets required for a great career in global business.

* Global Master of Business Administration-GMBA
The GMBA program is designed for executives who wish to take as little time off work as possible, and who wish to return to corporate employment as soon as possible. The curriculum is the same as a traditional two-year program, but delivered in a compact time frame with fewer holidays. Participants spend four months each in at S P Jain's campuses Sydney, Dubai, and Singapore. Here they study first-hand about diverse business practices and cultures in these regions. Participants learn to appreciate, accept, and adapt to a multinational state of mind.

The program helps graduates become effective decision-makers and communicators, essential qualities for today's leaders.

* Executive Education
S P Jain has set up Centers for Executive Education, Center for Leadership and Center for Human Resources at Dubai and Singapore.

Executive Education's programs are advanced and are generally targeted at senior managers. Short modular courses typically last 2 or more days and offer stimulating hands-on experiential learning in a supportive, collaborative environment. Learning is achieved through discussion and exchange between faculty and participants. What the participants bring to the course is vital, and their contribution adds to the richness of the shared learning experience.

Student information sessions for the BBA,MGB & GMBA will be held on Saturday,July14,2012 at Hotel ?Marine Plaza,Mumbai- BBA session at 12:00 p.m / MGB session at 4:00p.m /GMBA session at 7:00p.m

Aptitude Test for the BBA,MGB & GMBA will be held on July 22,2012

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