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S P Jain's Master of Global Business 2013

S P Jain's Master of Global Business 2013

S P Jain's Master of Global Business (MGB) program emphasizes specialization. This means that in addition to acquiring broad knowledge of business culture and practice, students also choose an area for intensive study. Industry experts believe that management takes place on two levels: cross-functional and vertical. S P Jain reflects this by offering students three cutting-edge specializations to equip them with the in-depth knowledge and specific tools that their future careers will demand.

A 16 month full time program, including a 4 month internship.

Study a 4 months each at S P Jain's campuses in Dubai and Singapore, facilitating multinational exposure, critical in today's globe business environment. Internship can be pursued in any geography.

Curriculum centered on using management tools and techniques to sharpen your ability to make effective decisions, decision-making being the lifeblood of any business.

A passport to Excellence (P2E) initiative that focuses on enhancing your personality, communications, leadership and creativity. The impact you make largely determines business success.

S P Jain's career services offices have a track record of 100% placements. Graduates are assisted for internships and job placements in dream companies in Singapore, China, India and Middle East.

Eligibility for MCB Program
Bachelor's degree and 0-3 years of full time work experience, after graduation

After completing the MGB program, graduates with 3 plus years of work experience are eligible to come back to S P Jain for 6 weeks, and upgrade to S P Jain's Global MBA degree.

Aptitude Test for MGB, BBA and GMBA will be held on Sunday, June 30 2013 and Sunday, July 14 2013

S P Jain School of Global Management
* Mumbai Campus Tel: +91 22 32906596 / 97
* Dubai Campus Tel: +971 4 4291234
* Sydney Campus Tel: +61 2 89706800
* Singapore Campus Tel: +65 62704748

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