Thursday, November 22, 2007

Foreign Universities to improve indian education standard

RNCOS, a leading marketing agency has recently released its research report on the Indian education sector - "Education Services Market in India (2007)”.

As per the report, the growth of private higher education institutions will outshine the growth of government and private aided universities and colleges in future.

The report says that during 2000-01 to 2005-06, the enrollment figures in private aided institutes increased by around 12.15% and that in government institutes marked a rise of nearly 11.8%. On the other hand, private unaided institutes registered a healthy growth of over 76% during the same period. The report identifies government’s inability in bearing the expenditure of education sector as the reason for high enrollment in private unaided institutes. So this has given an opportunity to the private sector to take initiative to fill the gap by expanding their reach into the education sector.

Despite being a lucrative education market, the study also highlights the challenges faced by foreign universities in India. They might face hurdles regarding the student’s perception that the class and market value of a degree attained from a foreign country is usually better than the one obtained at the Indian campuses.

"Education Services Market in India (2007)” presents a detailed and updated overview of the Indian education service market. It evaluates present trends, government policies on education system and opportunities and challenges to present a rational future outlook of the education market in India.


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