Thursday, December 13, 2007

admissions after CAT

Ok, so you have given your CAT and are nervously awaiting the result. Should you ponder over back-up options at this point in time, considering that things don't go in your favour? Sounds pretty illogical right. Ideally, you should focus on the job at hand, entrance exams of other B-schools and the GD/ PI stage. But, here's offering you a different perspective on the situation. One of the aspects of doing well in a competitive scenario is your frame of mind. Exploring back-up options will in fact ease the pressure on you and may actually help you in doing well in the exams and the GD/ PI stage. Imagine, if you figured out that Wharton is a reality for you and you have a great chance of making it to the worlds top B-School, your approach to the current task at hand of securing admission in a top B-school in India would be extremely positive. Study Abroad: The backup option If you have work experience, the world is your playground. Securing admission in premier institutions like Harvard, Wharton, LBS, INSEAD are a reality for Indian students today. It is well worth the effort to explore this option along with your present focus on competitive exams in India. A greater destiny awaits those with the courage to venture beyond familiar realms into the unknown. Rather than getting 'herded' into one of India's top B-schools, you can shift your focus beyond Indian shores and try your luck at institutions abroad. Why Global makes more sense than local: If you don't make it to the list of top B-schools here, don't get depressed. You don't lack on talent. The system lacks on seats. There are approximately 200,000 students battling it out for 1,400 seats. Now, while you have just ten top B-schools in India to squeeze into, the global MBA arena offers you an option of over ten times the number of good B-schools in India. The second factor is global exposure. There's a huge difference in reading about a particular country and actually experiencing it. It's the same with a global MBA. With global faculty - including Nobel prize winners, senior advisors at world bodies like UN and heads of global giants, global projects and global classmates, you gain quality exposure to global cultures, business practices and market realities. The third factor is more career opportunities and higher remuneration. Global credentials will obviously lead you to the biggest global corporations. This translates into great career opportunities and rewards. Bigger than what you'll ever realise staying back home. The fourth factor, admission procedure. It's different! A two-digit number controls your destiny or should we say your admission to a top B-school in India. Thankfully this is not the case with global B-schools. The admission committee would consider not just your GMAT score but also your academic record, work experience, professional achievements, aspirations, hobbies and maturity in judging your seat-worthiness. So if you score low in GMAT but rank high on personal and career-oriented dynamics, consider yourself in. The road less taken, can lead you to your dream B-school.


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