Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Single Medical Entrance Examination From 2011

Single Medical Entrance Examination From 2011

The important decision,taken by the Medical Council of India-MCI and accepted by the Union ministry of health,was conveyed to the Supreme Court on Friday,bringing huge relief to lakhs of aspiring doctors.

The new common medical entrance test would be applicable for a total number of 30,000 MBBS seats and over 11,000 MD seats in 138 government run medical colleges as well as 133 private medical institutes.

Earlier students wanting to take up courses in medicine had to appear in at least five to six entrance tests for various colleges and worry about problems like a clash of exam dates as well as travel to distant places for counselling for allotment of seats


Diptimoy Chiku said...

This decision is not highly solicited from all respects. This procedure will decrease confidence of students who are preparing for state level entrance examinations purely. Students will be confused about the syllabus and the language of the question paper.

Unknown said...

This is a rubbish decision for sure!! Now if you got sick or under any other unavoidable circumstances if you are not able to give your best in this one & only medical entrance test then your one year is gone.. Just one test will decide your one year!! This is not at all done!!

Unknown said...

This decision which has been made should not be implied suddenly within a course of just 9-10 months as students like us preparing for the various medical entrance exams would get really confused as to how to prepare for this one medical entrance exam for which neither a syllabus has been defined properly nor any sample papers have been issued till date so that any aspirants gets an idea of the type of questions he/she might have to face + also know the difficulty level...

Secondly, combining the AIEEE and AIPMT was not a good decision at all because all of us are fully aware of the different level of questions asked in both the exams and different topics for medical and engineering students have been given different weightage in the past many years. Also all of us are aware that the kind of question asked, even in the common subjects such as physics and chemistry have different difficulty levels till now.
Therefore in my view this decision taken should not be applied suddenly for the next session.

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