Friday, October 15, 2010

90% Attendance must for College Teachers

The Maharashtra state government has been planning to bring in norms that will decide the responsibilities of principals and teachers. “The state will soon come up with a resolution in this regard,” Maharashtra Higher and Technical Education Minister Rajesh Tope told The Indian Express.

There will be strict criteria and principals of colleges will see to it that the college is fulfilling the criteria. The colleges will be given marks on the basis of these key performance indicators. Low scoring colleges will be eligible for action such as disaffiliation from the university.

There is already a norm that requires at least 75 per cent attendance of students in colleges. Now, it will be responsibility of principals if students do not stick to the norms. Moreover, teachers will need to conduct at least 90 per cent periods

As the Maharashtra government has started providing salaries as per the recommendations of the sixth pay commission, the government expects accountability on the part of principals as well as college teachers.


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