Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AVID Continuous Learning Courses

AVID Continuous Learning Courses

For seekers of new avenues of learning, AVID offers several exciting courses and platforms such as Western Classical Music, Digital Photography, Film-making, Contemporary Indian Art, among others. This week, AVID brings you another unique opportunity to get your creative juices flowing with Literature Level (12th-14th November in NCPA, Mumbai and 15th November in Lavasa), a four-day sojourn for the city's literary enthusiasts.

AVID, an associate sponsor for the event, is a school of continuous learning which conducts short-term workshops and sessions on topics of contemporary and classic relevance including Culture, Heritage, Music and Art. Some of the workshops conducted by AVID in the past include those on Western Classical Music; Understanding the Vedas; Introduction to the Art of DJ'ing; Digital photography and imaging; Understanding Devi; The Great Indian Goddess; Brazilian Samba Percussion and Understanding and evaluating Indian Contemporary Art.

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