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Raiiv Gandhi Aviation Academy Pilot Training

Raiiv Gandhi Aviation Academy Pilot Training

Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy-RGAA Pilot Training and Aviation Courses

* Private Pilot Licence Course :
For hobby and fun flyers. To those who wish to experience the unlimited freedom and the romance of flying.

The course offers flight training right from student pilot to private pilot license. The 3 to 6 months course gives you 60 hours of flying time.

After completion of this program, it enables a person to become licensed pilot in command of a single engine aircraft carrying passengers or cargo.

* Commercial Pilot Licence Course :
This course requires 200 hours of flying. An 18 months course that offers an in-depth study of aerodynamics, weight and balance control, advanced aircraft systems, aviation regulation, maneuvers and high performance aircraft training.

A commercial pilot license holder can become a captain of a single / multi engine aircraft whose weight category is above 5700 kg. When license issued is valid internationally. He can be employed as a pilot in government and civil airlines or in private airline companies. He is also eligible to become an officer under Ministry of Civil Aviation and has a host of career opportunities.

* Instrument Rating Course :
This course includes instrument navigation, instrument cross-country flight and instrument emergency procedures. It provides training for flying in instruments, meteorological conditions and in the clouds. It makes a pilot with precision flying skills in an increasingly complex air traffic system.

* Multi Engine Rating Course :
The course covers aerodynamics, systems, and procedures. Individualized training modules aimed at increasing safety and proficiency levels of pilots. The focus is on single engine and multi-engine airplane.

Admission Process :
RGAA will base admission decisions on high school performance and extra curricular activities. Admission is open to all qualified applicants regardless of age. A personal discussion about the various avenues in the career possibilities is always welcome.

RGAA also help in assisting you to get education loans from the bank. A staff from the bank is always available in RGAA office. Student must be accepted for enrollment before financial aid eligibility after which the forms will be processed.

Written Examination :

Written Examination is conducted by the RGAA Institute to assess the eligibility of a candidate to take up flying as a career

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