Wednesday, February 9, 2011

IDP Education India Educational Fair 2011

IDP Education India Educational Fair 2011

IDP Education India, the largest student placement company in the world organized an educational fair for the students in the city aspiring to pursue higher education in US. The fair got an overwhelming response from Indian students with more than 300 students attending the event. This event bought together prominent universities and educational institutes under one roof.

IDP seeks to provide an all-inclusive platform to the students looking at US for higher education. This channel offers the students an opportunity to interact with the university representatives directly and facilitates exchange of information. IDP intend to ensure that the future of the students is in safe hands.”

The fair helped students get application fee waiver and the universities are also offered scholarships to qualified students at the venue. The students also got on-spot offers. The organizers had earlier requested the students to come with original and photocopies of their educational certificates.

12 US institutions participated in the fair and it was a free platform for all students to gauge their prospects of studying at US.

IDP India is hosting 15 Global Education fairs by Australian and US universities in many other cities across India. All fairs are spread across the first two weeks of February.

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