Sunday, April 15, 2012

ICICI Stock Market Pro 2012

ICICI Stock Market Pro 2012

ICICI Center for Financial Learning Stock Market Pro Programme 2012

The certification programme that gives you an EDGE

Stock Markets Pro is Flagship certification programme that focuses on practical learning of investing/trading in Stock Markets.
The programme not only sharpens the basic concepts of investing in stocks and trading in derivatives but also masters the trading skills through application of research recommendations, fundamental & technical analysis and advanced derivative trading strategies.
It is designed for students who are eager to acquire practical knowledge in stock markets for Extensive Domain

Salient Features:
* Industry expert as faculty
* Real market case studies for practical leaning
* Live demonstrations
* Extensively researched study material

Flexibility of opting for weekday (evening) or weekend batches

For more information SMS: EDU PRO to 5676766 or call : +91 9619359592
Email :


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