Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NIIT Launched Cloud Campus

NIIT Launched Cloud Campus

NIIT Limited, Asia's largest IT trainer,announced a breakthrough initiative ‘Cloud Campus', for redefining the education landscape by making available new-age skills, to students across the breadth of the country.

NIIT aims to offer over 100 courses across 300 locations by the end of 2013, thus enabling coverage of over 500,000 students by 2014. NIIT will offer training programs in IT, Banking, Global Finance, Management, Digital & Social Media Marketing, through Cloud CampusTM with innovative learning features. NIIT Cloud CampusTM will empower the youth of the country by providing new-age training programs through the cutting-edge Cloud technology, to make them first day-first hour industry ready professionals.

NIIT Cloud CampusTM harnesses the power of Cloud technology to provide unique features :

* Cloud Classroom - where students can interact and learn from not only the at-location faculty, but more importantly from expert faculty from wherever they are.

* Cloud Courseware - the digital and dynamic courseware enables students to make notes, highlight and review at their convenience.

* Anywhere Lab - providing 24x7 access for hands-on practice on their devices.

* Lesson on Demand - ensuring that students do not have to miss a lesson, even if they miss a class.

* Online Assessments - enabling students take practice tests besides taking industry-level assessments.

* Buddynet Learning - a learning feature that enables collaboration with other students as well as expert faculty, thus making learning a lot more fun.

At NIIT Cloud Campus, you can study a wide range of programmes based on your interest area and current education qualification.

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