Sunday, August 4, 2013

AIC Young Media Fellowship 2013

AIC Young Media Fellowship 2013

Australia India Council- AIC has opened applications for the 2013 AIC Young Media Fellowships.

The Fellowships provide career development opportunities for young Indian print and television journalists. The Fellowships encourage the development of networks between Indian and Australian journalists and media organisations, and expose young Indian journalists to Australia.

* A grant of AUD $8,000 to cover international airfares, domestic travel, accommodation and other expenses; and
* Assistance with establishing contacts in Australia.

To be eligible for an AIC Young Media Fellowship, you must:

be a journalist in print or television media;
be born after 1 January 1973;
be employed by a professional Indian print or broadcast media organisation
have your employer's permission to apply and participate in the Fellowship program; and
arrange for your own camera/equipment for filming (broadcast journalists).

Applications close COB Sunday, 25 August.

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