Thursday, April 3, 2014

IIT Kharagpur ISWT Admissions 2014

IIT Kharagpur ISWT Admissions 2014

Indian Institute of Technology- IIT Kharagpur is starting its first international summer and winter term(ISWT) where the national and international participants will get an opportunity to seek knowledge and experience from the reputed International faculty through intensive study of subjects and personal interactions. By bringing together participants and faculty from India and around the world, the ISWT will not only be academically stimulating but also offer an opportunity to make new friends and to interact with international experts.

Participants from Industry, Research Organisations, Faculty and Students from all over the world are welcome to register for the 19 subjects offered during the summer term and 9 subjects during the winter term. These subjects are designed around current and multidisciplinary themes of Science, Engineering, Management and Law. The duration for each subject is of 2 weeks or 10 working days with a judicious blend of lectures and tutorials per day.

To Apply :

Apply online for registration.

Fill up the registration form.

Select courses

Pay Rs 500/- (non-refundable) through online payment Gateway

You can also apply offline by completing this application form and send bank draft of Rs. 500/-drawn in favor of 'CEP-ISWT, IIT Kharagpur' payable at Kharagpur. The course coordinators of the selected courses will go through your application and confirm your selection as a participant one month before the starting date of the courses. Once you are selected you will be informed and requested to pay the full fees through online payment gateway service.

For more information on course pls visit :


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