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St.Xavier's Vocational Degree Courses 2014

St.Xavier's Vocational Degree Courses 2014

St.Xavier's College Mumbai announces the UGC sanctioned Bachelor of Vocational Degree Courses

Application are invited for the First YEar Diploma courses in Tourism and in Software Development

B. Voc. is a three year degree course with multiple exit points. Students can leave:
1. At the end of first year with a Diploma
2. At the end of second year with an Advanced Diploma
3. At the end of three years with a Degree

B. Voc (Software Development) : The IT sector in India is growing and vocationally trained skilled workforce in very large numbers(~ 40,000) is required for automation of enterprises & companies.

This course will be designed so that at the end of three years students will get B. Voc. (Software Development) degree and can seek jobs in the field of materials management in manufacturing industries in the purchase / stores/ sales & marketing departments.
However, at the end of first year student can leave with a Diploma and seek jobs as Computer Assistants for the General Office & Accounts Management. If they continue through the second year they can leave with an advanced diploma and seek jobs in the technical management in publishing, entertainment media & social industry.

B. Voc (Tourism) : India’s huge natural, historical and cultural diversity is poorly tapped by the tourism industry. According to one source, India’s position stands at 41 internationally and 11 in the Asia-Pacific region. While the Government and other agencies look into the infrastructural and other essentials for Tourism development we see lacunae in the availability of well trained Tour guides, Managers, Operators to develop the vast potential for Tourism that India has to offer. Besides, the concept of Tourism and hospitality management has now widened to include Event Management of both short and long programmes for corporate groups, educational institutes etc. This service–based industry requires (besides cognitive, creative and core-competency skills in the practical and organizational aspects of the industry) crucial and well-developed interpersonal and communication skills.

Last date of application is 15th July 2014

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