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IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Admissions 2015

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX Admissions 2015

IIM Ahmedabad PGPX is a full time residential programme for executives with substantial work experience leading to a One Year Post-Graduate Diploma in Management for Executives.

The design of PGPX is built on the Institute's well established experience of designing and running postgraduate management programmes for exceptionally bright students and a wide range of executive education programmes for practicing managers from many countries. It takes into account the substantial and varied experience the selected executives bring to the classroom.
The objective of the programme is to develop bright, enthusiastic and aspirational executives into management leaders and change agents in the global arena.

The programme has a general management focus, with emphasis on managing across borders and cultures. It has an International Immersion Programme besides teaching content drawn from many countries.

The programme is open to executives of all nationalities

Eligibility : Executives who have a bachelor's degree or equivalent in any discipline and have completed 27 years of age at the start of the programme may apply.

Corporate sponsorship is welcome but not essential.

Students are selected through a rigorous admissions process that includes GMAT (, leadership profiling and personal interview.

To apply for the PGPX please undertake the following:

A) Online registration

B) Submit your completely filled-in online applications by 6:00 pm (IST) of August 11, 2014.

C) At the time of submission of application, you will be prompted to pay the PGPX Application Fee.
•Rs. 3500/- (Indian Rupees Three Thousand Five Hundred only) for those who apply on or before 06:00 pm 28th July 2014.
•Rs. 5000/- (Indian Rupees Five Thousand only) for those apply between 06:00 pm 28th July 2014 and 06:00 pm 11th August 2014.

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