Sunday, December 3, 2017

Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program

Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program

NOVUS Scholarship for the life science community's enhancement and evolution, research is considered as a crucial component. This program is aimed at helping students who are interested in the science field and want to develop a career in it. The scholarship is focused to further scientific achievements by guiding and supporting these students.

The last date to submit applications is December 15 by 11:59 PM MST.

In order to be eligible for the Scholarship, applicants need to go through the below-mentioned procedure:

Eligibility criteria:

This scholarship is open worldwide and applicants need to be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in graduate, associate degree, baccalaureate or diploma and they need to have a major declared in the science related field.

Scholarship reward:

The selected applicant will be awarded a 1500 US Dollar or an international currency equivalent for the fall and spring semester.

How to apply:

Applicants need to apply online by filling out and submitting the application form. They need to submit a 140 character statement/tweet on the topic 'Why science rocks' also they need to write a maximum of 500 words personal statement on how you plan to use your degree to further advance science in your field of interest.

For more information and application visit :


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