Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Commercial Pilot License by Chimes Aviation Academy

The programme is specifically designed for potential students looking at pilot training and will offer practical education and training, on practices, legal and regulatory aspects of pilot training .The course module is spread over a period of 2 months and would include 15 hours of Single Engine flying along with the basic understanding of ground school procedures. This is not just a coaching course as what they earn during the training i.e. flying & ground school hours are credited to their pilot training records if they decide to go ahead and take up the pilot training. The course is nominally priced at Rs 2 lakhs, which is 1/10th, the price of a regular CPL, which costs close to Rs. 23 lakhs, hence bringing down the entry barrier for people who earlier could not even try out this expensive course and also for aspirants who want to spread their training w.r.t time & cost and yet not compromise on quality. This course would also help aspirants to de-mystify Pilot Training, which is often just viewed as a glamorous, globetrotting career, but there is lot of hard work and academic study behind it.


Eligibility Criteria: One can enroll for the course as young as 16 years. For grant of CPL, license candidate needs to be minimum of 18 years.

Program Duration: 45-60 days

Batch strength: 10-15 students

Registration: All applications at CAA are processed online through their website After submission of forms, students undergo a written test and interview for their final selection.

About Chimes Aviation Academy
Chimes Aviation Academy a part of Chimes Group is India's Largest Fully Integrated pilot training academy. CAA has redefined the pilot training in India with its state of art academy located at Dhana (M.P). Established on a "Global World Class Scale "CAA is equipped with latest fleet and modern infrastructure with a capacity to train 120 CPL (Commercial Pilot License) per year.

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