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H.P.University Distance Education-ICDEO Admissions 2009

Himachal Pradesh University distance Education/Learning Admissions 2009

International Centre for Distance Education and Open Learning (ICDEOL)

The Himachal Pradesh University took the bold step right in the beginning and a Directorate of Correspondence Courses was set up after the establishment of the University (1971). Not only this, the University emerged as a pioneering institution in launching the programmes of distance education at the postgraduate level. In India, the H.P.University was the first University to start Master of Arts in different disciplines along with Master of Education and Master of Commerce. Over the years, its Directorate of Correspondence Courses gradually absorbed the emerging philosophy of distance education and adopted multi-media approach for imparting instruction. In view of this, the Directorate of Correspondence Course has been rechristened as the International Centre for Distance Educational and Open Learning (ICDEOL). It is located on the Campus of the University at Summer Hill. It has its own independent complex consisting of two buildings having five stories each.

Courses at Under-Graduate Level:

B.A. Part I/II/III (Pass Course) Three year course (Annual System)
B.Com. Part I/II/III (Pass Course) Three year course (Annual System)
BCA Part-I/II/III Three year course (Annual System)

Courses at Post-Graduate Level:

M.Com. (Master of Commerce) Two year course in four semesters.
M.A. in English -do-
M.A. in History. -do-
M.A in Economics -do-
M A in Political Science -do-
M.A. in Public Administration -do-
M.A. in Hindi -do-
M.A. in Sanskrit -do-
MA./M.Sc. in Mathematics -do-
M.A. in Sociology -do-
M.A. in Music -do-

M. Phil. Courses:

M.Phil. in English One Year course in two semesters.
M.Phil. in Hindi -do-
M.Phil. in History -do-
M.Phil. in Political Science -do-
M.Phil. in Economics -do-
M.Phil. in Commerce -do-
M.Phil. in Pub. Admn. -do-
M.Phil. in Sanskrit -do-

Professional Courses:

MBA (Master of Business Administration) Two year course in four semesters
Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Two Year (Annual System)
Master of Education (M. Ed.) Two Year (Annual System)
BJMC One year (Annual System)
MJMC One year (Annual System)
PGDPM & LW One year Two semesters.
PGDCA One year, Two semesters.
APGDIT One year, Two semesters.

Admissions to the various courses of study are usually held in the months of June/July, and with late fee up to time notified from time to time.

Spot Admission Facility:

For convenience of the students the ICDEOL has created Spot Admission Centres at various places within and outside the state. These centres are located in most of the Govt. colleges at District Headquarters of Himachal Pradesh and outside the state, i.e. Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar and Ludhiana.

Medium of Instructions:

ICDEOL imparts instructions mainly through the medium of printed lecture scripts, which are supplemented by Personal Contact Programmes and response sheets. Efforts are afoot to equip our traditional libraries with audio/video cassettes in addition to usual stock of books and also to further replenish our existing Study-cum-Resource Centres. The medium of instruction is Hindi or English at the Undergraduate level according to the option of a student and English at Postgraduate level except in the subjects of Hindi and Sanskrit. The study material in case of Postgraduate courses is made available in English medium. The lectures in Personal Contact Programmes are also delivered in English. However, the student can get clarifications in Hindi during Personal Contact Programmes as well as answer the assignments either in Hindi or English. The students may write the examination either in Hindi or English medium, except in language papers.

Syllabi, Duration and Examination:

The syllabi, duration, examination and degrees etc. for the ICDEOL students are the same as prescribed for the campus students of the university. The subject allowed for various classes are given in the Hand-Book. Detailed syllabi along with instructional material are sent to the student at the time of the commencement of the session.

Study Material:

In each course, soon after enrollment ordinarily 10 to16 lessons/study material covering the entire syllabi in a semester/year is sent to the students. Eminent scholars and teachers prepare these lessons, preferably Professors and Readers in the Universities and in some cases senior lecturers.


The students are required to submit written responses to each assignment prescribed at the end of the lesson in accordance with the schedule as may be laid down by the ICDEOL.

Personal Contact Programmes :

Personal Contact Programmes (PCP) are arranged for the benefit of the students at the different places depending upon the strength of the students. During these Personal Contact Programmes, the services of internal faculty and eminent teachers from outside are especially requisitioned for enriching the quality of academic programmes.


100% attendance in a semester for M.Ed., B.Ed., BA/MA (Music), PGDCA/ APGDIT courses both in PCP & Practical Training is compulsory and date of Personal Contact Programme is communicated by post.
The Personal Contact Programme for other classes is organized for a period of 7 to 25 days.
Examination Schedule and Centre:

The examination for M.B.A/M.A./M.Com./M.Sc,/PGDPM & LW/PGDCA/APGDIT are conducted on semester basis normally in the month of November for I/III semester and in June every year for II/IV semester. The examination for B.A./B.Com./B.C.A/BJMC/MJMC etc. Classes are, however, conducted on annual basis i.e. once in a year tentatively in the month of March, Supplementary examination for compartment cases of B.A,/B.Com./B.C.A. courses are normally held in the month of September. M.Phil examination are held for 1st semester in the month of March/April and 2nd semester in August/September. Keeping in view the strength of the students and availability of space and certain facilities, ICDEOL has also been setting up Examination Centres in different parts of the State and outside the state at 1) Amritsar, 2) Chandigarh, 3) Delhi, and 4) Ludhiana.


The International Centre for Distance Education has a well equipped library of its own at the Headquarter. The ICDEOL has also its own computer lab and Information-cum-Guidance Centre functioning at Delhi. This centre has been effectively catering to the local needs of the students enrolled with ICDEOL

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Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the address of the institute in new delhi along with the telephone number?

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the address of the institute affiliated to HIMACHAL PRADESH UNIVERSITY in new delhi along with the telephone number?

Anonymous said...

Learning Resource Center,
Pocket-B Sector- 62 (Institutional Area)
Phone - 120-2400191, 2401709

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me if the Learning Resource Center at Noida has a contact e-mail? If it has, please tell me the e-mail.

Reena Kumari said...

can u tell me the address of the institute affiliated to himachal pardesh in chandigarh along with the telephone number?

For in computer Engg.
I have doing three years computer engg. diploma

Unknown said...

Can you tell me the address of the insititute affiliated to HIMACHAL PARDESH UNIVERSITY in ludhiyana along with the telephone number?

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