Friday, September 16, 2011

IGNOU & PRAYAS Diploma in Child Rights

IGNOU & PRAYAS Diploma in Child Rights

IGNOU School of Law (SOL) in collaboration with PRAYAS will soon launch a Diploma course in Child Rights, Child Protection and Juvenile Justice.

The course aims to enable the learners to gain understanding of the basic nature, problems and issues related to child protection and juvenile justice; build capacities and commitment aimed at ensuring prevention, timely intervention and accountability for promoting a healthy childhood; develop a synergy between theory and practice on issues of child protection and juvenile justice.

The programme also prepares the personnel to manage various positions for effectively implementing juvenile legislation; improve their skills and comprehension; creates and enhances large scale social awareness and advocacy; enables legal, administrative and social work ractitioners to seek the creation of new law in response to the newly emerging societal needs and improves the institutional infrastructure for implementing institutional services for children.

The course is of interest to any NGO personnel (at least a graduate) working in various child welfare fields, law enforcement agency officers, lawyers, magistrates, counselors, probation officers, superintendents/ deputy superintendents of observation/ remand homes and other institutions providing services to children. Officers serving the directorates of social welfare and/ or the ministry of women and child development, child protection workers/ advocates, social workers, school counselors/ social workers, community mental health workers can also enroll for the course.

Though the course is open for any graduate but preferably, the learner should be MA in Social work/ psychology/ sociology from a recognised university or PG Diploma in rehabilitation psychology or professionals having minimum two years of working experience with law enforcement agency.

Having availed the training offered through the course, the students would become eligible to occupy important and responsible posts in various government and non-government organisations that uphold child rights and protection, curb child trafficking or deal with the cases of missing children. This course would serve as an opening to gain valuable experience and avail job opportunities as ‘Child Protection Officers’ under the integrated Child Protection Scheme in the 11th Five Year Plan (2007-12) in research, academics, governance, administration, NGO’s and development agencies

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Anonymous said...

want to know in detail (study centre of kolkata/ phone number/ fees etc ) interested to do this course

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