Thursday, September 29, 2011

RCI Online Course in Special Education

RCI Online Course in Special Education

Rehabilitation Council of India-RCI was now introducing few of its regular and distance mode courses in online mode also to felicitate the learners who are interested to learn the rehabilitation courses offered by RCI but have no avenue to undergo any conventional education programme or non availability of any training institutions at a nearer place. We thought this could be an opportunity for us, to create something, which will be very relevant for people from all walks of life, for all those who would like to learn our rehabilitation courses.

The online programme is a 90 days with 12 days of skill

The online programme is meant for any teacher who wants to understand disability issues. Special educators specialised in any disability area will be able to broaden their understanding in cross disability areas.

Eligibility :
1) In-service teachers working at any level
2) special educators for acquiring additional CRE points
3) Individuals who want to understand disability issues

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Unknown said...

how to enroll for the course? when does the course commences? what is the fee structure? your sight lacks these basic information. kindly answer these questions

Anonymous said...

when does the course commences? how is the fee structure? how can I enroll please answer these questions

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