Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellow Scheme

Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellow Scheme

The Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellows-PMRDF scheme is being specifically launched to reach out to talented young professionals willing to be part of a larger change. After selection,these professionals will work in district where the Central Government is implementing an Integrated Action Plan to deal with left wing extremism.They will support the district administration in providing socio-economic situation analysis,identifying critical gaps in development programmes,providing inputs in preparation of district plans and outcome budget and creating a network of voluntary cooperation in the district.This is an opportunity to become the foot soldiers of development where it is needed most.

PMRDF is an excellent opportunity in the development sector that will provide exceptional growth potential.

Eligibility :
* Must be 21-30 years old
* Must be a postgraduate in Social Science/ Science/ Management or a graduate in Law/ Engineering/ Medicine
* Knowledge of hindi and a local language used in an IAP district is desirable.
* Work experience is preferred

Selected candidates will undergo a comprehensive training programme

The chosen candidates will receive an attractive all-inclusive package.In addition,a performance linked bonus upto 10% of the honorarium may be payable at the end of every financial year.

The last date of receiving online application is 4th December 2011

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S. J. Ahmad said...

The age criteria is very low. This is necessary to recruit energetic and young boys are suitable choice. But can they understand their responsibility towards this Nobel cause. Age limit must be 30 to 50.

Sharad Pant said...

Dear Sir,
In social development sector in general initially person can't understand the Social dynamics, decision making, planning, and management because it is very complex subject. Even I worked at grass root level up to age of 30 though I just focused on physical activity and just forget about its broad impact on society/community. Even I observed & heard same things from my colleagues, they shared me after 10 to 12 year of experience now they develop the sense to understand the complex issues in community, internal dynamics, decision making, now in age of 35 - 36 they have capacities to understand the social dynamics, impacts, broad view of activities and all round social development issues etc.

In Prime Minister Rural Development fellow Scheme to allow the participation of experienced social professional the age limit should be extend up to age of 45 years to achieve the noble cause of the project/ scheme.


Sharad Pant
Social Development Professional

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