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South Asian University Admissions 2013

South Asian University Admissions 2013

South Asian University is established by governments of the eight SAARC nations with an aim to inculcate regional consciousness in the young minds of South Asia, South Asian University provides a world-class learning experience with a dynamic environment. Pursue a degree in this international university that is recognised in all the member nations and discover a new dimension to learning

Admissions to Masters and Ph.D Programmes :
* Applied Mathematics
* Biotechnology
* Computer Science
* Economics
* International Relations
* Sociology
* Legal Studies

Highlights Of South Asian University :
* Special category of multiple entry SAU Visa for all students from outside India
* Quotas for student from SAARC Countries
* Hostels for all students outside Delhi
* Liberal availability of Scholarships/Financial Aid to meritorious and needy students
* Globally recruited Faculty
* Well-equipped Biotechnology laboratories
* Medical facilities
* Excellent library facilities
* WiFi enabled campus

Apply by : 25yh February 2013

Admissions Contact:
Director Admissions
South Asian University
Akbar Bhavan, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110 021 India
Phones: +91-11-24122512--14 (ext. 266)

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