Monday, January 28, 2013

Syndicate Bank SyndVidya Educational Loan

Syndicate Bank SyndVidya Educational Loan

SyndVidya Educational Loan scheme covers the entire spectrum of educational needs from the school education to super speciality courses including overseas courses. The scheme makes available need based finance to cover expenses related to education such as fees payable to College, Hostel, Examination, Library, Laboratory fees, caution deposit/building fund/refundable deposit upto 10% of tuition fee, Cost of Books, Equipments, Travel expenses for studies abroad etc.

Maximum Loan of Rs. 10.00 lakh for studying in India and Rs. 20.00 lakh for studying abroad.

Eligibility :
* Any student who is a major representing himself or a minor student represented by parent or guardian of Indian nationality.

* Must have secured admission on the basis of merit to professional/ technical/other courses through entrance test/selection process. Deviation/relaxation is also permitted under special circumstances.

* Must have secured admission to Foreign universities/Institution (for studies abroad).

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