Monday, June 10, 2013

Emergency Medical Service course Admissions 2013

Emergency Medical Service course Admissions 2013

VIVO Healthcare and Parkway College Singapore have announced a collaboration to launch International standard emergency medical services-EMS and allied health training programmes in India.

Emergency Medical Services(EMS) provide pre-hospital medical care to an injured or sick person. In EMS, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) courses are an entry-level healthcare program. Many paramedics, doctors, nurses and firefighters have used their EMT education and experience as a stepping stone to new careers. EMTs have the knowledge and skills to provide emergency care and transportation of patients in a pre-hospital setting. Their skills are critical in attending to emergencies, accidents and disasters.

The programmes will offer training and build skills for entry and specialist level jobs in the healthcare sector. They are targeted towards high school graduates and healthcare providers looking to upgrade their skills.

In the coming months VIVO and Parkway will also launch short programmes designed to develop specialist skills and best practices targeted at medical professionals including nurses and doctors.

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