Saturday, July 18, 2009

Distance Learning Accreditation NACODL

Good News! Now get quality distance learning distance education in NACODL accreditate distance learning distance education institutes.

The Distance Education Council (DEC), New Delhi has set up the National Accreditation Committee for Open and Distance Learning (NACODL) to accreditate institutions offering education through distance mode in India on the lines of conventional universities.

DEC is the statutory body responsible for the promotion and coordination of the Open University and distance education system.

DEC's call for accreditation is also an attempt to restore the parity between distance and conventional degrees.

Distance learning is considered as inferior to class room learning by various students, academicians and employers.

Infrastructure and human resources, student support system, relevance of programmes, employment opportunities, research and consultancy and governance will be assessed during the accreditation by NACODL.

NACODL has academicians and administrators from various distance and open learning institutes and government officials as their members.

Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) of Mumbai University is in the process to get accreditation.


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