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ICFAI University MBA-MSF Admissions 2009

ICFAI University MBA-MSF Dual Masters Admissions 2009

The ICFAI University, Tripura announces the launch of the MBA-MSF Dual Masters program, designed to prepare men & women with the skills, knowledge and strategic perspectives essentials to the leadership of business anywhere in the world. The Dual Masters program consists of two streams: MBA and MSF.

The MBA stream is designed to provide both a portfolio of strong functional skills and the ability to apply, adapt, synthesize and integrate those skills into different management settings. The MSF stream is a unique hi-end program, which addresses the broader financial and managerial issue in the areas of Corporate Finance, International Finance, Strategic Finance and allied areas.

Through the Dual Masters Program, the students may acquire two career-oriented professional qualifications in management and finance and can also save their precious time. Instead of the normal duration of 4 years (two years for MBA and two years for MFS) the students of the Dual Masters Program may complete the same in 27 months.

For those aspiring to pursue fast-track careers in the sunrise sectors,the dual masters program is the most suited. The MBA stream prepares them for management and leadership positions whereas the MSF stream coupled with appropriate choice of electives in MBA stream,deepens their financial insights. This will be a unique skill-set combining analysis and synthesis, operations and strategy.

Graduation in any discipline with 55% marks and above. CAs/CWAs/CSs are also encouraged to apply.

Program Structure
The Dual Masters program has 32 subjects with 20 subjects for MBA stream and 12 subjects for MSF stream. The students have to choose four electives in MBA stream and two electives in MSF stream. Subject wise waivers are available for MBA stream only.

In Stage–I, the MBA stream covers - Introduction to Management, Managerial Effectiveness, Organizational Behaviour, Business Economics, Marketing Management and Information Technology & Systems. The MSF stream covers – Corporate Finance, International Finance & Trade, Project Management, Investment Management, Investment Banking & Financial Services, and Financial Risk Management.

In Stage – II, the MBA stream covers Accounting for Decision Making, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, Business Law, Management Control and Information Systems. The MSF stream covers – Strategic Financial Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Elective subjects and Integrated Case Studies I & II.

In Stage – III, the MBA stream covers one Elective subject, Business Policy and Strategy, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance and Two Integrated Case Studies.

Study and Examinations
The dual masters program is based on self-study and examinations. The University provides a detailed study plan, courseware and E–learning Package. The courseware includes textbooks, workbooks and study guides specially designed for independent study by the students. The E-learning package includes E-Text books, E-Lectures, Lecture Notes, Quiz, Articles and Mock Tests etc., The E-Learning package is designed to help the flexible learning students study in a convenient computer-based environment. The students can study at their own place , pace and time. Learning through CD-ROM allows the students to take advantage of E-learning benefits without the need for an internet connection. It is more convenient than class room learning. Students can also avail of training classes which is optional.

The examinations are conceived, developed and administered on a rigorous and fair basis to bring out the best in the students and prepare them for challenging careers. Students will be eligible to appear for Group A examination of MBA stream and Group A examination of MSF stream six months after the date of enrollment. The examinations are conducted on Sundays in April, July, October and January in 230 Test Centers all over India.

Fee Particulars
The applicants are required to pay Rs.95,000/- for Stage – I, if they opt for training classes. In case they do not opt for training classes they are required to pay Rs.80, 000/- for Stage – I. Installment facility as well as the EMI facility is also available.

To apply-:
The Application Forms can be obtained from : ICFAI Flexible Education,G.S Road
, Guwahati-5, Assam, Phone no:0361-2464318,

For more information visit-:


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This is the most unfriendly distance education university...10 numbers to contact but none of them get answered....they only come to remind you that you need to submit the FEES....LAME WAY OF PAPER CHECKING....THEY DOING BUSINESS THATS ALL TO IT.....

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