Tuesday, July 7, 2009

F.Y.J.C Admissions Check/Edit Online Form

F.Y.J.C Admissions Mumbai Check/Edit Online Form on 8th-9th July

*Log into the website http://fyjc.org.in and click on the link ‘Application Form’ to view and check the online form with a copy of the printout submitted to the submission centre
*If there is no error, click on the button ‘Form is OK. No discrepancy in the form’
*If you find an error, click on the link ‘discrepancy in the form’. You will be promoted to visit the submission centre to resolve the discrepancy in your form
*The application forms of those who have discrepancies will be made available at the submission centre. Make the corrections related only to cast, category, marks and list of attached documents
*Other categories and forms will not be made available for corrections At the submission centre, your forms and other related documents will be checked to substantiate your request to make a change If your request is valid, the necessary corrections will be made online. Take two printouts of the corrected form. Both copies will require your signature as well as your guardian’s signature

Visit-: http://fyjc.org.in


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