Friday, July 13, 2012

CIFE Master & Ph.D Programs in Fisheries Science

CIFE Master & Ph.D Programs in Fisheries Science

Central Institute of Fisheries Education-CIFE, a university under sec.3 of UGC act, is a institution of excellence for higher learning in fisheries science.

CIFE offers Masters and Ph.D programs in 11 specialised branches of fisheries and aquaculture worldwide.

CIFE offers Masters and Ph.D. programs in 11 specialized branches of fisheries, undertakes high quality and strategic research, conducts capacity enhancement programs through the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Faculty Training (CAFT) in fisheries in India, and provides technical support and consultancy to developmental agencies, fishers, farmers and entrepreneurs.

Masters and Ph.D Programs in Fisheries Science
* Aquaculture
* Aquatic Environment Management
* Aquatic Animal Health
* Fish Biotechnology
* Fish Genetics
* Fish Nutrition and Feed technology
* Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
* Fisheries Economics
* Fisheries Extension
* Fisheries Resource Management
* Post Harvest Technology

The university has recently added new facilities, two additional floors in academic, boys hostel, international guest house, type V Quarters and Director's residence strengthening the infrastructure to world class.

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