Monday, July 8, 2013

Study & Settle in Canada Seminar 2013

Study & Settle in Canada Seminar 2013

GeeBee Education has organised free seminars on 'Study and Settle in Canada'

Canada offers a high standard of living and is consistently ranked by the United Nations as one of the best country in the world to live and study. Tuition fees for international students are amongst the lowest in Canada as compared to other countries. Students have a choice of a large number of Universities, Colleges and Technical Institutes. For all that it offers, Canada has a remarkably low cost of living.

Upon graduation, students are allowed to work full-time in Canada for one to three years. Canadian Study Permit rules have been simplified for Indian students. The Visa processing time has been reduced for certain institutions. Students are now required to submit very few documents under SPP.

Information will also be provide on education loan as well as given a free information guide on studying in Canada. Parents are also welcome

GeeBee Education has organized Free Seminars on “Study & Settle in Canada” at Thane (11th July – 6.30pm – Tel.No: 25388844), Churchgate (12th July – 11.00am – Tel.No: 43222333), Borivali (12th July – 6.30pm – Tel.No: 28998333), Vashi (13th July– 11.00am – Tel. No: 27897040) and Andheri (13th July – 6.30pm – Tel: 26287727). Prior Registration is compulsory.

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