Saturday, July 6, 2013

TimesPro PGD in Banking Management 2013

TimesPro PGD in Banking Management 2013

The "Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Management" (PGDBM) program offers a unique holistic learning model aimed at enabling the participants to assimilate the knowledge and skill inputs received in the best possible manner.

The TimesPro Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Management (PGDBM) certification will provide a holistic learning environment for learners by equipping them to manage the myriad challenges in their respective roles, within the banking sector in India. The TimesPro PGDBM program will also provide a platform for learners to refine their knowledge, skills and behavior and therefore co-create value for corporate sector.

The aspiring candidates are required to take the TAP (Times Admission Process) test before the program enrolment to juxtapose their skill levels against industry requirements. The enrolled students compulsorily undergo the TIER Evaluation and TIPS (TIER Improvement Programs), along with TimesPro's high-involvement career-oriented courses that enhance their skill-sets to professional levels.

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