Wednesday, May 13, 2009

16PF Certification in Mumbai by Ma Foi

Ma Foi is conducting a 4 day 16PF certification workshop in Mumbai from 20 to 23rd May 2009.

People who would benefit from this unique offering are Line Managers, Unit Heads / Decision Makers, Psychologists, Leadership and Development Mangers, Talent Managers, Trainers and HR professionals.

Objectives of the Programme
·Self Assessment - Learn more about your personality
·Personality testing and analyzing / interpreting personality profiles
·Applications of Personality Assessment for selection and developmental purposes.
·Training and certifying professionals on the appropriate usage of the 16 PF tool.

Benefits for your Organisation
·Understanding self and others to foster team development
·Personality – Job & Culture fit
·Competency Based Assessment
·Talent Acquisition, Management & Retention
·Reduce Cost of Wrong Hire/Training costs
·Reduces bias by adding objectivity to the decision making process

Programme Methodology
·Presentations, group discussions, role plays,exercises.
·Practice sessions to enable participants to test their learning.
·'Live' case records to sharpen interpretative skills.
·Sharing of best practices.
·Summative Assessment to measure learning

You will take away certificate of recognition ,16pf toolkit and five 16pf online test accesses.
For more info contact Pooja on 9819618761/67232191


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