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Mumbai Online F.Y.J.C Admissions 2009 Procedure

Mumbai Online F.Y.J.C Admissions 2009 Procedure

After SSC results
Day 1 to 7 - Students fill in their application forms online and submit the same.

Day 8 to 9 - Scrutiny of forms

Day 10 to 18 - Merit lists will be prepared and sent out to all colleges.

Next 15 days - Admissions will be on for those who made it to the first list.

Next 16 days - Second merit list will be prepared.
Students in second merit list can take admission to colleges.

Next 7 days - Prepare and put up the third merit list.

Online admissions are compulsory for all Class X students from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region applying to a junior college.

Students need to fill out a single form online, irrespective of the stream they are applying to.

Of all the available streams - Science, Arts, Commerce, Vocational science and home science - a student can opt for a maximum of two streams while filling out of the form.

Students must fill a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 150 options for colleges they wish to apply to.

Students who fill in too few options for junior college and do not make it to any of them will be allotted seats by the software, depending on their marks.

Students can fill in their forms online even before the results are out. They can practise filling in their form, and make as many changes as they like, before the results are out and admissions begin.

After filling out the form online, students will have to take two print-outs of the form and submit them at the admission centre, along with a fee of Rs.125/-.

Seven days after the SSC results are out, minority institutions will be allowed to fill up minority quota seats in their college.

During these seven days, colleges must fill up the 20% in-house quota, reserved for students from a school run by the same management as the college.

Each school will be given a password for the website. The school can then access information on the number of students from the school who have made it to a junior college.

The government will provide a detailed map of the MMR region with all the schools and colleges marked out.
For online application visit mkcl website after ssc results -:

For more information read Maharashtra government GR in marathi -:


Free Education Consultancy said...

For online application website visit this link

prerna said...

On which website will we have to fill the forms for the admissions?
And when will it launch?

Anonymous said...

can some one tell which website will be holding the online admssions?
when wil it launch?

Free Education Consultancy said...

Update get trial application form for Mumbai F.Y.J.C online admissions 2009

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