Saturday, May 23, 2009

HCL Sales Pro Career Courses

HCL Career Development Center career courses

HCL CDC Sales Pro Program-:
HCL CDC sales pro program provides with the right blend of classroom coaching and hands-on training, the programs equipped students to meet the challenges of the industry with finesse and ease.The program offers training on globally accepted sales principles as well as practical sales sales concepts that can be put to use from day-one.

Benefits of Program-:
* Knowledge of practical sales concepts
* Two months of rigorous on-the-job training
* Thorough understanding of HCL products and services
* Placements opportunity with Hcl channel partners
* Advertisement and sales promotion
* Logistics and supply management
* Business communication
* MIS and reporting
* Stipend and reporting

Graduate.Good English peaking skills.Skills will be tested through HCL PACE test and personal interview.
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Anonymous said...

Looks to be a good option to seek a
job with expertise in retail industry.

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