Monday, May 4, 2009

F.Y.J.C. Online Admission 2009 Mumbai

The Maharashtra state education department declared new system for online admissions to junior college F.Y.J.C. Science/Commerce/Arts and other vocational streams in Mumbai region.
Online admissions this year will be compulsory for all students in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
Students will have to log on to a website and fill out a single admission form in which they can enter up to 100 colleges that they wish to apply to. A large part of the admission form, including the student’s marks, will have already been filled out by the software. The government has asked the SSC, ICSE and CBSE boards for the necessary information.
Students will then have to print out the form and submit it along with the necessary documents to a designated college with a sum of Rs 125. Of this Rs 125, Rs 50 will go to the college, Rs 25 to MKCL, another Rs 25 to the board (SSC, ICSE, CBSE) for the information they will provide the state and the remainder to the office of the deputy director of education.
Once the forms have been submitted, data from these forms will be fed into the software for online admissions. The software will then draw up the merit list (general category) for the colleges.
Online system was not the same as centralised admissions as the government would not release a single centralised merit list but allow colleges to release separate lists.
Students will be informed of the colleges they have made it to, via email or SMS.
The website, which will be opened 15 days before admissions begin so that students get time to practise, does not have provision for a minority quota. So minority institutions will be asked to fill out this quota in the first seven days of admissions. All those who make it to a college through this quota will then have their names struck off the general merit list.
The website to online F.Y.J.C Admissions process will be open by MKCL.


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