Monday, May 11, 2009

Whistling Woods International Admissions 2009

The Whistling Woods International full-time courses are intensive, two-year programmes based around theory, practical exercises, filmmaking and industry experience. Designed with the expert guidance of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, the courses offer students a modern, thorough and balanced curriculum and an educated entryway into the entertainment industry. With a well-rounded Foundation Programme and concentrated Specialisation disciplines, Whistling Woods International provides world-class training in all aspects of filmmaking and television production - the aesthetic, the technical and the professional.

The courses are structured into four semesters. The first semester, an exhaustive five-month programme, introduces students to each element of filmmaking through an integrated approach which fuses theoretical concepts with direct production results. On completion of this Foundation Course, students progress to their specialisations and spend the next three semesters mastering their chosen craft through a series of increasingly sophisticated and ambitious film projects. These two years provide approximately 3800 hours of comprehensive training and hands-on filmmaking experience. A new student intake will be admitted for all courses in January and July of each year.

Detailed information on the course structure is provided in the prospectus visit website.

The specialisations available are :

The Art & Technique Of Animation
Sound Recording, Design And Music Production

Admissions opens for JULY 2009 intake
For more info visit-:


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