Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Personality Development Camp-Discover 09

Hospitality Training Institute (HTI) in association with Turning Point, Nature Trails and Saif Creations is organising its leadership and personality development residential summer camp 'Discover 09' at the Dabhosa Waterfalls Resort in Maharashtra during May. The six day long summer camp is open to individuals above the age of 15.

The program schedule will be divided into pre-breakfast and post breakfast sessions. Pre-breakfast event includes outside classroom activity, whereas the post breakfast session will comprise of adventure activities like kayaking, rappelling, rock climbing, mountain biking and trekking. Post lunch will be activity based corporate grooming, evening will be learning through dance and drama whereas late in the evening will witness performances by the participants.

Dabhosa Waterfalls Resort is owned by Nature Trails. Saif Creations will be handling the dance and drama sessions, whereas Turning Point and HTI will be conducting training programmes. Dabhosa Waterfalls Resort is a four hour drive from Mumbai and two hour drive from Vapi.
For more info contact-: 9867105301/9867116774


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